with Andrea Pavic & Marta Lozo

The city of Münsingen in German Bundesland Baden-Württemberg required a new Kindergarden and held a competition to that effect with Catholic church as investor.
A plot of about 2300m2 is situated south of a small abbey on a relatively steep slope. The ground floored cascaded kindergarden is composed of 5 volumes; 3 kindergarden units, polyvalent hall and an admin/tech wing. Kindergarden unit is made of several spaces; bigger and smaller group space, material storage and a quite room form the inner part with additional creative room and a restroom separated by a locker flanked hallway.
The polyvalent hall is a double sloped roof barn positioned on the lowest, northern side of the site providing a better access for the outside user. It is among other a place for kindergarden group luncheon.
Administration and principal offices are located in the street facade, next to the main entrance and together with hausmeister and facility spaces it forms a concrete east part of the whole.
All parts form around a small atrium in the middle which can be opened in summertime providing a stronger relationship between the inside and the outside.