2nd prize, DAZ competition, 2010.
with Ivona Jerkovic, Hrvoje Vidovic, Damir Petric & Andrej Vuk

The site is located in Zagreb’s north western district of Crnomerec. It is divided into three parts, the housing north, the public south and the natural, recreational middle.
Mixed program in the south largely defines the transformation of Crnomerec district into a strong urban area which was long since been found wanting in Zagreb’s west. The program is contained in two blocks within which the program is layered vertically, with commercial ground floors and mostly business tops. Together with the traffic grid and public squares the public ground floors form the new urban center of gravity for a wider community.
The housing is entirely in the north of the site. The design enforces the high density low rise housing parameter, which in turn allows a public middle, where the school, kindergarden, a square, a cultural centre and a pool are placed alongside maximum amount of natural landscape. The relation with a specific relief condition is thus highlighted with a ‘burg’ like typology, which allows both a high density required by the competition brief and a good orientations for housing units. A single road serves all units, while pedestrian traffic is being conducted mostly through the public middle area.
The recreational zone connects the slow paced north with the urban south with a minimal amount of dissections which maintains the natural biosphere of the Zagreb’s hillside.