HDLU, 2011
with Marta Lozo
currated by Marta Kiš & Karla Pudar

Croatian Artist Association (HDLU), together with Zagreb film in association with Ministry of Culture held the retrospective exhibition of the Zagreb school of animated film, called the Surrogate of reality in June, 2011.
Zagreb school of animated film, with its half a century long opus was organised in sections and forms the main display. The animation material made the black box out of the entire gallery, with light boxes separating main screenings, organised chronologically. The ‚light box‘ approach made it possible to exhibit the original material like drawings, cells, scenography paintings and an Oscar won by Dušan Vukotic in 1961 for his animated film - Surrogate.
The plaster walls in the gallery had to be adapted by adding surrogate walls to close the space in order to form an exhibition room, which had to be minimal in order to keep a sense of the oval character of the gallery. The screening area was filled with modular EPS seats above which there were headphones fixed to the ceiling.
The entrance area became a reader’s corner, and is the most flexible part of the display because it often hosts different events; workshop for children, discussion groups, lectures…

Artforum International article by Christian Rattemeyer